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Agents of Metroplex Realty get unparalleled support by our Mentor Training staff to ensure your success.  We are the only full time dedicated mentorship training brokerage in Texas and agents enjoy a competitive commission split.  New agents discover how to create their own leads with little to no cost and pay no monthly fee to be an agent at Metroplex Realty.

As we approach 70 Realtors, I invite you to interview and see why one on one mentorship is the MOST powerful form of training and education.

This week I handed out over $100,000 in commissions and last week I handed out over $60,000!  We are not a CHOP SHOP, at Metroplex Realty you will receive full dedicated support and feel more like an employee instead of an “independent contractor.”  If you’re paying small transaction fees to your Broker, but barely paying the bills, then contact me today for an interview!

You can have it all, at Metroplex Realty!  Not only will you work with me, but you’ll also get an almost unlimited list of training classes and courses to supplement your Mentor Training with us.

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